Nylon Reel Lanyard

£5.45 (exc vat)

The cord on these are longer than a metre and they have a pulling strength of 100 - 125g. This will be enough for most uses plus room for a bit more! Convenient for keeping of lightweight safety cutters, ID cards, keys or other small items (suitable for sets of keys and multiple car keys!). Attractive design and large recess area make this lanyard/reel potentially useful for custom imprinting of corporate logos for marketing and awareness purposes. Please ask us if you'd like more details.


  • End Clip: 30mm split ring

  • User Clip: Steel belt clip

  • Pull Strength: 100 - 125g


  • Casing Material: Steel

  • Diameter: 52mm

  • Cord Material: 1mm Nylon

  • Cord Length: 105cm

  • Shape: Round