Martor Secupro Maxisafe

£9.79 (exc vat)

The Maxisafe safety knife is a general purpose safety knife and is suitable for both left and right handers. When using this safety knife even if the slider button remains pushed forward during the cutting operation the blade will still retract automatically on completion of the cut. This helps to ensure maximum safety at the end of each cut regardless of the blade push position by the user.

It's main uses include some light weight materials and most medium weight materials i.e. most types of card/carton boards, nylon pallet strapping. (If the material is too light the blade may retract inadvertently).


  • Auto-Retractable blade
  • For use by right and left handers
  • 3 sided slider
  • Easy blade change


  • Installed blade no.99 - deep edged, 0.63mm