Box Cutter Ceramic Blades - Rounded

£16.50 (exc vat)

Rounded-Tip Slice ceramic replacement blades (PACK OF 4), for use only with the Slice ceramic-blade cutters. Each pack contains four (4) double-sided, rounded-tip Slice ceramic blades. For use exclusively with Slice cutting tools.


  • 4 dual-sided Slice ceramic blades per pack
  • rounded safety tips
  • 1 ceramic blade = ~20 high-end metal blades
  • lasts up to 10x longer than metal
  • never rusts, chemically inert, non-magnetic
  • non-sparking, non-conductive
  • safer blades compared to traditional metal
  • no oil coating like traditional metal blades
  • less blade changes means less injuries
  • reduces chance of injuries, lowers costs


  • Each blade measures approximately 1-5/16" inches (34mm) in length.
  • Compatible with:
    • Slice Box Cutter
    • Slice Box Cutter Auto
    • Slice Pen Cutter Auto
    • Slice Pen Cutter Manual
    • Slice Pen Cutter