Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why use safety cutters and safety knives?

Using a safety cutter or safety knife helps minimise the risk of a cutting accident, and helps reduce the amount of stock damage when opening a box or package. They do this by either having a concealed / guarded blade, or auto-retractable / semi-auto-retractable blade.

2. Which safety cutter or safety knife should I use?

The safety cutter or safety knife you should use depends on a number of factors: the cutting application, the product being cut, the situation, and the environment where the cutting is being performed.

3. Which are the safest cutters or safety knives?

The safest cutter or safety knives are those with a concealed blade, where there is no access for fingers to touch the blade and the blade is fixed and non-changeable. If an exposed blade is required the next safest knife is one with an auto-retractable blade, where the blade automatically retracts on losing contact with the material being cut.

4. How can I find out which safety cutter or safety knife is most suitable for me?

Contact us directly for advice, we can either discuss with you on the phone / email, or arrange to visit your company.

5. How long do the blades last?

This depends on the material being cut and how abrasive it is. For example, if you are cutting a lot of cardboard, which is very abrasive, the blade will not last as long as cutting plastic packaging.

6. How durable are the safety cutters and safety knives you supply?

All the safety cutters and safety knives we supply are extremely durable and are made to a very high standard of manufacture, keep them maintained and only used for the applications recommended.